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Friday, March 28, 2014 6:07 PM | 0 Note

Taraaa ! Guess who the guy in the picture? He's my beloved boyfriend ;) Ehh no lahh ! Actually Im very addicted to him bcs he soooo sweet. I start to like him since i watch the movie of "First Love A Little Thing" and he become a very quite popular in school. Many girl were like him . Im sooo jealouss . Huargh :(

But it was just a story. His name in the movie is "Chon" and he likes one girl that firstly is very ugly and she likes him too. But they will not tell each other so I guess Chon is not gentleman !!

 And this is the ugly girl

But the worse time when suddenly he propose his bestfriend "Pit Pin" . I though he will propose the ugly girl "Narm" . Seriously its very sad part when the ugly girl tell her feeling to that guy but its too late !! in his clothes has been write by Pin that Chon already taken. Pergh ! Pity of her. But 9 years ago, Chon with Narm happy live together :*

Hmm I hope i will got one boyfriend like him :') Honestly and gentle .

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